Corporate gifting made easy

Make your customers, clients and employees smile with Smile Box!

Super easy. Super affordable.

We get it. You want to send a little something to customers, clients or your employees but don’t want to fork out for super expensive hampers?

We’ve worked together with numerous businesses around New Zealand to give them a friendly yet professional gifting solution, delivering both regular ongoing orders as well as one-off bulk orders to (sometimes) hundreds of people around the country.

Businesses have used Smile Box for:

  • Thank yous to customers, clients and employees
  • Special occasions – e.g. Christmas gifts
  • After sales gifting – e.g. for real estate agents
  • As part of information packs for university students
  • Gifting to client prospects
  • …and many other purposes!

We can tailor Smile Boxes for your business as required, for example, adding business cards, marketing material, gift vouchers and other bits n’ bobs.

Sending Smile Boxes is super easy, personalised and affordable – from just $16.52 (+ GST) per box with FREE courier delivery NZ-wide.

A Smile Box is perfect to send when you don’t have a big budget to spend on fancy hampers and flowers etc, yet is just as effective!

If you’re looking at gifting solutions for your business, whether ongoing or one-off, get in touch with us and let’s talk!


“Such an awesome service to give a sweet person something sweet to say ‘thank you’! Definitely going to use this in future, especially to let someone know you’re thinking of them.”

Priya B

“Stoked there is an option to let someone know you’re thinking of them without breaking the bank! The box certainly made a smile (and a happy tear) at the other end! Will definitely use again.”

Lindsey V

“The concept of smile box really appeals to me, a quick cost effective way to let people know you are thinking of them. The website experience was quick, easy and straight forward. I look forward to sending lots more boxes and spreading smiles around the country.”

Jen B

“WONDERFUL! I would recommend this to anyone as a fun gift idea. I sent one anonymously to a friend I knew was going through a hard time, and I’ve heard it made their week. I love that you can choose to upgrade to include extras like a polaroid, movie or food voucher. Will use again. You live up to your name, Smile Box.”

Jemma F

“Simple. Easy. Fast. Amazing! The perfect gift for so many different occasions and to add so many awesome things if you choose. Love how easy it is from start to finish and how affordable it is for such an amazing gift for someone. Keep up the good work team!”

Aimee G

“This was the first time I’ve used Smile Box – found them randomly online and thought it was such a great way to let people know you’re thinking of them without spending a fortune. The Instax idea is a perfect extra touch. My friend received hers tout de suite and loved it. Gave us all warm fuzzies. Thanks for being a great facilitator, Smile Box!”

Kristin B

“This service is fantastic. A perfect way to brighten someone’s dial without spending a lot. It’s beautifully packaged and is a perfect gift that is flexible to cater for everyone’s needs. Thanks Smile Box!”

Danielle B

“Fun, quick and easy. Very convenient. Finally an online gift purchase that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! Thanks Smile Box! ”

Heidi P

“I wanted a quick and easy thank you gift for someone who helped me find my cat recently and a smile box was so easy and quick! It also worked out cheaper then if I’d gone out, bought a gift and delivered it myself! Thanks so much 😊”

Sara C

“Thank you Smile Box…you made it so easy to make special people in my life SMILE! Easy to use system, fast delivery and fabulous product! Keep up the great work 😁👏”

Cate T