Corporate Christmas Gifts: Best Ways to Plan and How We Can Help

Corporate Christmas Gifts: Best Ways to Plan and How We Can Help

Bublé has been put on the office radio, mince pies are back in the supermarket and the corporate gifting has fallen to you this year. Well don’t worry, Smile Box is here to help! Whether you’re looking for corporate gift ideas, corporate gift baskets or simply just a (delicious) thank you gift to colleagues or clients. We can be your Santa’s-little-helper this festive season—we’ve rounded up some tips, tricks and some great gifting options for you below!

What is corporate gifting?

Let’s put the eggnog down and get into the thick of it! What is corporate gifting and why should you do it? Corporate gifting is the practice of creating a touchpoint with employees, clients, or prospects through the use of a gift. Gifting can be a powerful and meaningful experience that creates positive associations (a.k.a brownie points) with a person or a brand.

Why is corporate gifting important?

Companies and small businesses have long relied on the power of gifting to secure better relationships with potential and existing clients, to show appreciation to their suppliers or thanks to those supporting their own business.

Giving a thoughtful gift to your clients shows them that you value their business and want to maintain long-term relationships. In addition, corporate gifts can be a great way to thank your employees for their hard work. Small tokens of appreciation can go a long way toward boosting morale and demonstrating the recognition and value you place on your employees' efforts.

But wait—there’s myrrh. Corporate gifting can also be a very effective way to generate new business. When potential clients receive a well-chosen gift, they are more likely to remember your company and do business with you in the future. So, whether you're looking to build stronger relationships, show appreciation, or generate new business, corporate gifting is an essential tool for any successful business.

Can you deduct the cost of gifts as a business expense in New Zealand?

As a general rule, the costs of gifts are deductible as business expenses. For food, drinks, or entertainment (or vouchers for these), only half the cost can be claimed. Food and drink items may need to be separated if the gift includes other items as well, like a food gift hamper.

Smile Box’s top tips for sleighing the corporate gifts this year

Think sustainable

Sustainable gifts are filling up the metaphorical stockings in the corporate world this year. With the popularity of gifting increasing after the pandemic, there has been a push to ensure positive social and environmental impacts. Clients appreciate brands that are environmentally conscious, and employees take pride in working for companies that want to make the world a little bit of a better place. It’s a good idea to consider gifts that will actually be used and not end up in the bin, gifts with recyclable packaging and gifts that support other small local businesses.

Think WFH

Corporate gifts for employees working from home—working from home has become the new norm, making it one of the newest and biggest trends in corporate gifts. Water cooler chats and morning tea break gossips are a thing of the past for some but it doesn't stop you sending a cuppa from afar with some treats or perhaps a little tipple to enjoy at the end of the day.

Think Branded

Branded gifts - Corporate gifting is an excellent marketing opportunity, and if done well, can keep your brand top of mind. The simplest things can be used to provide impressive and impactful results, such as reusable coffee cups, stationery, and water bottles. We've even sent branded face masks!

Think Self-Care

It might not have been the bin fire that was 2020 but it was still a big year for some, and Christmas is a great chance for you to remind your employees to take some time for themselves. Candles, face masks, chocolate (dare I say, champagne? 😉) are all great gifts to prompt a little time out and reward for those who deserve it.

Corporate faves from the Smile Box collection

Festive Cheer

It’s Christmas. It’s affordable. It’s delicious. What more could they want? Our Festive Cheer box is the most popular option for bulk gifting. Your staff will love you for it.

Christmas Magic

Find me someone who doesn’t LOVE pavlova? Our bigger Smile Box for the festive season is jam packed full of merry magic and is the perfect client thank you gift.

Moet Moments

The first in our premium collection and an incredible way to say well done, celebrate the new year or say Happy Holidays.

Kiwi Gold

A quintessential Kiwi favourite. One of our original Smile Boxes that never fails to bring a smile to the recipients face. It’s a great letterbox gift box that’ll be devoured in no time.

Click here for our full Christmas catalogue.

And, that’s a wrap. Finding the perfect gift for staff members, clients or colleagues doesn’t have to be hard. If you’d like to enquire about how we can help with any recurring client gifting, bulk gifts, staff gifts or, well, any kind of gifts really—check out our corporate enquiry page here. Our smiley elves are ready and waiting.