Raise a Smile

Charitable Fund

Spreading the smiles to good causes

Over the last five years we've helped Kiwis spread thousands of smiles across New Zealand and beyond with Smile Box gifts. However, we've always wanted to do more to help those who do amazing things for others.

So, in 2021, we launched our Raise a Smile initiative. It's our new charitable fund created to lend a helping hand to charitable causes and organisations throughout New Zealand.

How it works

We take a small portion of the proceeds from every Smile Box ordered and place it into our Raise a Smile charitable fund.

Every few months we then donate this fund to a different charitable cause or organisation around New Zealand.

How can I help?
You're already helping! For every Smile Box you send a small portion of the proceeds goes directly into our Raise a Smile charitable fund.

Raise a Smile Fund Recipients

Fertility NZ

Current recipient of the Raise a Smile Fund.

Fertility New Zealand (Fertility NZ) walks alongside people facing fertility challenges.

Many people take their fertility for granted and never anticipate that creating their long-desired children would be difficult. But one in four New Zealanders experience infertility during their lifetime.  It is an extremely distressing life event which has a significant impact on mental health, social integration and participation, work life and relationships on top of the intrusive physical nature of fertility treatments.

For over 30 years Fertility NZ has been there providing support, information and advocacy for the one in four New Zealanders who have difficulty building their whanau. Each year they help thousands of people through a time of life which can be technical, overwhelming, isolating and prohibitively expensive. They offer support through support groups, workshops, events and a helpline. They provide information through our website, factsheets, webinars and awareness campaigns.

These services can be life changing for people who otherwise feel isolated and marginalised by infertility.

A Star Is Born

Recipient of the Raise a Smile Fund in 2021

Provides modern and timeless keepsakes for bereaved families of babies.

A Star Is Born was started by four Dunedin women who through individual personal experiences in baby loss recognised the need for families to have the opportunity to choose lasting keepsakes of their precious baby.

This service and products are provided at no cost to our families. Time is donated, products are sponsored and money is raised through various local businesses, individuals and charities.

A Star Is Born volunteers are dedicated to providing a caring, empathetic and professional service.

Know of a charitable cause or organisation our 'Raise a Smile' fund could help?

We'd love to hear any suggestions! Although we can't help everyone, we will carefully consider any suggestions put forward as future recipients of our Raise a Smile charitable fund.